Sprite Core Repair Service

  • Sprite Core Repair Service

Sprite Core Repair Service


Operating mishaps happen, and while many Sprite repairs can be handled in the field, some are best left to the pros who designed it.  If the damage is significant*, or if you're not up to tackling a more complex situation, Ascent offers a Core Repair Service to get you back in the air quickly.

The Process

The initial fee to assess your Sprite is $69.  After checkout, we will send you an email that will include all of the instructions you need to send in your Sprite. Upon arrival, Ascent technicians will disassemble and examine your Sprite to determine if the repair is a Moderate Repair or a Major Repair.

Major Repair ($499)

  • Disassembly of the Power Module
  • Demating of the Power Module from the Main Module
  • Damage to more than one internal electronic component, including the flight director, receiver, power conditioning board, or the connection board.

Moderate Repair ($299)

  • Any field serviceable repairs
  • Most other repairs

After diagnosing the damage, Ascent technicians will contact you to ask whether you would like to proceed.  If you do, you will be invoiced for either a Major Repair or a Moderate Repair.  You'll know before we start the work, and only one charge applies per repair incident, regardless of the number of damaged components.  If you go ahead with the repair, the $69 assessment fee is applied as a credit to the cost. 

What's Included

Any damaged parts that are not field-serviceable will be replaced as necessary, including:

  • Plastic airframe components
  • Dynamic rotor parts (aluminum)
  • Motors and speed controllers
  • Motor mounts, spines
  • Flight computer, receiver, telemetry
  • Wiring
  • Electronic components

Your Sprite will flight tested and returned to you with a 90-day warranty.  Shipping charges will be invoiced when the vehicle is completed.

What's Not Included

Any user-installed parts and accessories that are normal field repairs are not included.  This includes rotor blades, gimbals, cameras and batteries.

Total Loss

Please note that some damage will not be repairable, and we reserve the discretion to determine a vehicle to be a total loss.  This includes damage from extended time submerged under water, severe impacts, crush damage and other similar situations.  At your request, the vehicle's disassembled remains will be recycled or returned to you, and the core replacement fee will be applied to your account as a credit (less return shipping, if applicable).

Parts replaced may be new or refurbished, but carry the same warranty.  If you have any questions, please contact us here before ordering.

* Please note that repairs to the Power Module, Control Systems and some Main Module components will require Sprite to be returned to Ascent AeroSystems for servicing.  Due to the complex setup and tooling required, we cannot support field repairs of those assemblies.