FPV Upgrade Kit

FPV Upgrade Kit


Includes everything you need to be able to do first person view (FPV) flying with your Sprite.  Includes combination 7" LCD receiver with sun shield, battery and airborne transmitter.  The image is approximately 480 lines of horizontal resolution with very low latency (delay). 

Please note that the video signal is analog, and range depends on many factors including terrain, obstacles (trees, buildings), and may be decreased by visible and invisible local interference sources.  Under ideal conditions, the following ranges may be experienced:

  • 25mW: 100 meters
  • 600mW: 300 meters (essentially at the limit of unaided line of sight)

Please also note these ranges are not guarantees.  Performance may be improved by changing antennae that are better suited to your local environment.  Your local regulations may limit FPV transmitter strength and operating rules, so please be sure to familiarize yourself with what requirements apply to you before ordering.