The process to download the Operating Guide is a bit complex, but for now here is the procedure.  

1. From the home page, select STORE then "Downloads".  (It may ask you to log in, but in any case you can reach the STORE menu from any page on the site). 



2. Select the documents you want to download and add them to your cart.

3. Click on "CHECKOUT"

4. Continue to shipping method, and click on "Free Shipping".  After that click the "Continue to payment method" where you'll be able to simply click "Complete order".

5. You'll then be taken to a screen like the one above.  Just click on the "Download Now" button and you're all set.

We know this is a bit unwieldy for a support document...we're working on an easier way to manage this but for now this is it.  Thanks for your support!