Ascent Coaxial HDK 

    Ascent's groundbreaking coaxial airframe is now available as a do-it-yourself (DIY) kit!  Let your imagination run wild and create the most unique UAV around with the Coaxial Hardware Development Kit (HDK). The vehicle has a very wide center of gravity range, so it's ready for your payload experiments.  This kit includes:

    Airframe Components

    • G10 frames (black, 3/32" and 1/8")
    • Machined aluminum standoffs
    • Machined aluminum spine and mounting blocks
    • Carbon fiber landing legs (removable) and plastic mounts
    • Hexcap fasteners
    Rotor System
    • Machined aluminum dynamic components, the same dynamic components as found on the Sprite™
    • Machined aluminum swashplate and control linkages
    • Reinforced nylon main gears
    • One set of Ascent's new optimized rotor blades
    • 2x motors and machined pinions
    • 2x speed controllers with braking function
    • 2x Savox servos
    • Wiring harness

    Not included (required for completion)

    This kit comes unassembled and is intended for experienced modelers.  Assembly instructions for the airframe are included, but no support is provided for the components needed to complete the vehicle.  Those include:
    • Autopilot: Ascent provides the firmware needed for the APM/Pixhawk flight control system, which supports nearly all of the features of the opensource Mission Planner, DroidPlanner™ and Tower™ open source flight control software.
    • Radio Control System: An appropriate transmitter and receiver are required for conventional control
    • Battery: A 4S battery is recommended.
    • Communication: Telemetry transmitter & receiver


    • Stay tuned for additional options and upgrades, including a carbon fiber frames, carbon fiber landing foot, direct drive power system, machined landing leg blocks and more!


         Overall length xxx in. (xxxmm)
         Diameter (payload interface) xxx in. (xxxmm)
         Weight (no battery) xxx lbs. (xxxg)
         Maximum battery dimensions xxxmm x xxxmm x xxxmm
         Typical payload weight xxx-xxx oz. (xxx-xxxg)
         Maximum battery dimensions xxxmm x xxxmm x xxxmm
         Maximum demonstrated payload xxx oz (xxxg)



      Q:  What size battery fits in the Ascent Coaxial HDK?

      Check back soon!

      Q:  How long can the Ascent Coaxial HDK fly?

      Using a standard 4S/14.8v battery with 5,000mAh capacity and no payload, the Ascent Coaxial HDK has been averaging about TBD minutes in hover at an altitude of 6 feet (out of ground effect).

      Q:    What is the airframe made out of?

      The airframe is G10, a tough fiberglass material that’s ideal for high performance UAVs.  Other components are made of aluminum, plastic and carbon fiber.

      Q:   Does the Ascent Coaxial HDK include landing gear?

      Yes.  The included landing gear can be attached to the Main Module without any tools.  Its tripod design keeps the legs out of the camera image for most camera tilt angles.  You should use the landing gear for all operations until you're thoroughly familiar with the vehicles operating characteristics.

      Q:    What connections are included on the included wiring harness ?

      Check back soon!

      Q:  Is the Ascent Coaxial HDK waterproof?


      Q:  Does the Ascent Coaxial HDK float?

      No, it does not.

      Q:  Where can I buy the Ascent Coaxial HDK?

      Ascent AeroSystems systems are only available here on our website.   Please be sure to read our warranty and return policies carefully before ordering.

      Images above may include optional equipment.  Still have a question?  Please send us an email!