Designed to Work

We designed Sprite to be first and foremost portable and rugged.  A high-impact polycarbonate airframe, machined metal rotor system and strategic use of carbon fiber provide unprecedented levels of strength and rigidity.  Critical sections of the vehicle are sealed, making Sprite highly water-resistant. 

Sprite's overall volume is just 215 cubic inches, less than one-seventh of a typical quadcopter.  Put one (or two!) into a standard backpack and still have plenty of room for extra batteries, the controller, even spare parts or even other unrelated equipment.

Future Proof

Sprite's modular design is optimized for performance and makes it an easy platform to upgrade.  Need a more powerful transmitter, on a different frequency?  Want to upgrade to the latest high-definition FPV systems?  Telemetry and video transmission equipment are easily accessible in the upper section of the vehicle.

Sprite's flight controller is based on the opensource APM/Pixhawk architecture, one of the most widely used flight control and navigation systems in the world.  Tens of thousands of users have made this the standard platform for commercial and industrial applications.  Advanced users can customize just about every parameter of Sprite's navigation and control functions.

Unmatched Versatility

At the bottom of the vehicle, payloads can be removed and replaced with a simple quarter-twist.  Accessories can be stacked, and ports are provided for power and logic functions, making it easier to adapt Sprite to emerging technologies or even your own custom payloads. 

Powerful, Yet Simple

Sprite is a sophisticated unmanned aerial vehicle. It can be flown manually using a conventional flight controller, or it can fly autonomously under the guidance of its powerful autopilot.


Sprite comes with removable landing gear that make takeoffs and landings from the ground a breeze. For advanced operators, hand launches make operations in awkward places easier.

Manual Flight

Sprite's included 8-channel controller allows for precise maneuvering. GPS and onboard sensors provide continuous stability augmentation.

Autonomous Flight

Sprite can be programmed to fly by itself using the powerful, opensource Tower flight planner for Android and Mission Planner for Windows. (No iOS support is available at this time.)

Flight Modes

Create your own flights by simply drawing paths or dropping waypoints on your tablet. Modes include:

  • Position Hold
  • Circle
  • Follow Me
  • Region of Interest: maintains focus on a subject regardless of flight path
  • Automated Building Mapper: Make 3D scans of large structures
  • Survey: automatically generates waypoints need to map an area
  • Autoland
  • Return to Home

Speed, altitude and camera orientation are some of the parameters that can be changed as Sprite travels along the flight path you program.


Sprite's rugged design makes landing easy no matter where you are.  Landing legs are provided and can be used in most situations.  When the onboard sensors detect ground contact, the rotor blades come to a stop in less than one half second. The rotor blades quickly retract and Sprite simply tumbles over. Sprite's patent pending technology allows you to land almost anywhere.