Rugged & dependable

Portable, durable and rugged airframes for harsh enterprise environments

The Problem

Existing enterprise-grade UAVs are bulky and fragile. They are unsuited for difficult environments.  Remote locations. Harsh weather. No support infrastructure. The inability to reliably operate in these conditions means cancelled flights. Cancelled flights mean wasted time, higher costs, and increased risks. Your customers want reliable, rapidly deployable, cost effective solutions.

The Solution

With a patent-pending collapsible rotor blades and cylindrical airframe, Ascent’s coaxial vehicles can fit anywhere. The simple airframe is inherently durable. Polycarbonate, carbon fiber and machined aluminum construction absorb impacts that would damage conventional multirotors.  A coaxial’s two rotor discs have nearly twice the lifting surface of a comparable quadcopter, so it has the potential to fly longer on an equivalent battery.

Made for your mission.

Rather than assembling a specific combination of sensor, mission software and guidance systems to serve a specific use case, Ascent AeroSystems is focused on building better airframes that improve your systems’ utility and reliability in any operating environment. 

Your payload.
Your autopilot.


Contact us for more details and to learn how Ascent AeroSystems' airframes can help you and your customers get the mission done.